War Room

War Room

Tired of finishing 5th in your hockey pool? Tired of hearing Lou brag about his 3rd straight championship, while your team smells of old porridge? Want to impress the ladies? Read on, my friend.

Daily Fantasy Sites

Our War Room gives you site-specific tools and strategies for these daily fantasy hockey leagues.

Fanduel Fanduel

Draftstreet Draftstreet

Fantasy Sports Live Fantasy Sports Live

Fantazzle Fantazzle

Fantasy Factor Fantasy Factor

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General Fantasy Hockey Strategy

If you're relatively new to Fantasy Hockey, you've got to know one thing. Winning does not come easy. It doesn't come by good luck. There's a reason why the same guys win year after year. In the 18 years that we've been running the Landshark Hockey Fantasy League, only 4 different managers have won it all. Here in the War Room, we'll go in depth on the most important stategies you need to master in order to win it all.

#1 Draft Preparation

Most seasons are won or lost before the first game is even played. In fact, most are won or lost before the first pick is even made on draft day. Some managers prepare relentlessly for Draft Day.  Some managers are losers.  If you show up for the draft and ask to borrow a copy of the Hockey News Yearbook for a list of players, don't bother drafting.  You're finishing 5th at best.

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#2 Waiver Wire Watch

Drafting a great team is only half the battle.  Unless you spent all year studying the wisdom on LandsharkHockey, chances are, you're going to find some gaps on your roster after draft day.  There's a science to knowing which players to pick, which ones to drop, and when.

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#3 Manage Your Bench

If you've done your job on draft day and you've assembled a killer team and a sufficient supply of bench players, you've still got work to do, tough guy. There's a skill in knowing who to play and who to sit. And it goes beyond looking at the injury list once a month.

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#4 Trade Wisely

This one you need to be careful with.  If you get too good at trading, nobody will want to trade with you in the future.  That's the risk you take when you want to win it all. However, championships can be won with a few good trades at the right time.

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