Mock Draft

Mock Draft

Test out your draft list and strategies through our exclusive mock draft console.

Step 1- Configure your draft settings

Enter your team name as it will appear in the Draft Console. Pick the number of teams you would like to have in your draft room and the position you would like to draft in. Finally, your theme determines the names and logos of your competition in the Draft Console.

Enter Team and Settings

After clicking Continue, the system teams will be generated with a random Draft Strategy assigned to each. The draft strategy determines that team's tendancies, particularly early in the draft. If you know your opposition well, feel free to adjust the settings to mimic how other GMs in your league typically draft. For example, if you know the guy picking first always picks goalies and forwards, and ingores defense, pick "Goalie, Forward" as his strategy.

Enter Team and Settings

After adjusting any settings, click "Start Draft" to enter the draft room.
Note: You can stop your draft and come back to it at any time.

Step 2 - Get Draftin'

To start, here's a peek at the Draft Console for a draft that's in progress:

Draft In Progress

The top of the Draft Console will feature the teams. Each team has a checkbox for Auto mode. By default, yours is the only team not set to auto-draft. You can change this option at any time for any team (including your own). If a team is set to auto draft, when it comes to their turn, the system will draft automatically, based on their draft strategy. If the Auto box is unchecked for a system team, you can jump in and draft a specific player for that team. This allows you, particularly in the first round or two, to pick exactly who you think a certain team might draft, to more closely mimic what you'll be up against in your actual draft.
To start the drafting, click "Resume". At any time, you can click "Pause" to halt the action. There are no time limits in the mock draft room.
You can also choose to have the autopicks come in at your own pace, by changing the dropdown to the number of seconds between picks. If you want the system to fly through the picks, set it to 1 second. If you prefer a few seconds between picks to give you a chance to process what's happening as it happens, set it to a higher number.

Start Draft

To select a player to draft, you have several options:
1. Pick from one of your lists. You can view players based on last season's stats, your custom draft list, Landshark Hockey's rankings, or last seasons fantasy points.
2. start typing the player's last name, and the names will appear in the box to select.

Type Player Name

3. You can also add names to your queue for quick reference, by clicking the queue button.

Queue Players

When you're ready to draft, click the Draft button.

To view another team's roster, click on that team's logo.


The log on the right keeps track of the most recent picks.


Step 3 - Review Your Draft

When you're done drafting, you can review your results and start over. Enjoy.

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