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Fantasy Sports Live offers some unique choices in terms of league size, salary cap options, and entry fee / prizes. You pretty much pick what you want for each of those and you'll find an option to play each day. In larger fields, you can win for 2nd and 3rd place as well.

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Players to Target

Here are undervalued players to target when setting your roster on Fantasy Sports Live:

 SelectNamePosTypesalarynoteLast UpdatedGPGAPW

Position: C

 SelectCrosby, SidneyCTop Price104 03/01/20118036681040
 SelectZetterberg, HenrikCTarget74 03/01/2011451632480
 SelectMalkin, EvgeniCTarget58 03/01/2011602349720
 SelectCouture, LoganCTarget58 03/01/2011652331540
 SelectTavares, JohnCValue47 03/01/2011592442660

Position: D

 SelectByfuglien, DustinDTop Price56 03/01/2011782036560
 SelectLidstrom, NicklasDTarget50 03/01/201100000
 SelectWeber, SheaDTarget47 03/01/2011792333560
 SelectGoligoski, AlexDTarget39 03/01/201181636420
 SelectKeith, DuncanDTarget31 03/01/201179655610
 SelectFowler, CamDValue23 03/01/201170630360
 SelectBogosian, ZachDValue13 03/01/20115538110

Position: G

 SelectThomas, TimGTop Price153 03/01/20114800018
 SelectFleury, Marc-AndreGTarget119 03/01/20116400039
 SelectLuongo, RobertoGTarget118 03/01/20115600025
 SelectBoucher, BrianGTarget117 03/01/201100000
 SelectBryzgalov, IlyaGTarget108 03/01/20113200012
 SelectKiprusoff, MiikkaGTarget87 03/01/201100000

Position: LW

 SelectSedin, DanielLWTop Price80 03/01/2011731631470
 SelectNeal, JamesLWTarget54 03/01/2011592734610
 SelectVanek, ThomasLWTarget49 03/01/2011782741680
 SelectMorrow, BrendenLWTarget47 03/01/2011711312250
 SelectLeino, VilleLWTarget47 03/01/201158015150
 SelectGagne, SimonLWValue21 03/01/201100000

Position: RW

 SelectOvechkin, AlexRWTop Price74 03/01/2011785128790
 SelectPerry, CoreyRWTarget71 03/01/2011814339820
 SelectEriksson, LouiRWTarget59 03/01/2011611027370
 SelectHeatley, DanyRWTarget53 03/01/2011761216280
 SelectSkinner, JeffRWTarget47 03/01/2011713321540
 SelectKovalchuk, IlyaRWValue27 03/01/201100000