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3 Questions to Ponder - Week of June 21

by Chewbacca 24. June 2009 06:02

1. Does anybody really believe that Daryl and Brent didn't speak about the job until last week?


Two weeks ago, Brent Sutter stepped down from the Devils, citing that he just wanted to spend time at home.  Two weeks later, to the surprise of nobody, he turns up as the head coach in Calgary, working for his brother.  League rules state that a coach under contract can't talk to other GM's without first getting the permission of the other team.  According to the Sutters, Daryl didn't ask for permission until after Brent stepped down.  Now what are the chances that Brent left NJ prior to having any discussion with his own brother about possibly coaching upon his return?


In other words, what happened to the league's high and mighty stance on following "league rules".  If you've listened to any of Commissioner Bettman's comments regarding the situation in Phoenix, the situation is 100% about "enforcing league rules".  Yet, nobody from the NHL has even questioned the Sutters on league rules in this case.  Now, it's likely that Lou in NJ has been in on this all along, and being a classy guy (yes, there is one in New Jersey), he doesn't want to make an issue out of this.  I'm just looking for a little consistency from the NHL office from week to week on their high and mighty rules adherence.


2. Will San Jose sign Chris Chelios this summer?


Since they've given up hope of winning past April, the Sharks have started a trend of bringing back washed up, irritating old-timers.  So will the trend continue?  The Redwings finally decided it's time to take down the tent from the Chelios charity circus.  And only 5 seasons overdue.  Chelios showed in limited action during the playoffs that he just can't keep up.  Why they kept him on this long is a mystery, coming from a GM who doesn't seem to make mistakes.  I can't picture any team wasting time on Chelios next season.  Even the Sharks.  Hang 'em up Chris.  You won't be missed by me.


3. How many years will it take for Tampa Bay to win another playoff series?


The failures of Phoenix/Winnipeg and the New York Islanders come playoff time over the last two decades has been well documented.  Neither team has given fans much to cheer about.  The Islanders have been more prominent in bone-headed management mistakes, blowing opportunity after opportunity, while the Coyotes simply have never risen above mediocre.  While those streaks may continue for years to come, there's a new team to add to the Club. 


No team has been so badly mismanaged since the lockout.  After winning the Cup the year before, it's hard to find a single move that worked out well for this club.  And now, they're supposedly poised to trade away the last remaining piece of respectability the franchise has left.  Vinny Lecavalier.  Once this happens, the league should call Jim Balsillie, and beg him to move this franchise.  I can't imagine the fans in Florida will stand by this team over the next 5 to 10 years as they miss the playoffs again and again.


I'm placing the over/under at 2019 before they win another series.  Any takers?



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